Students - Freshmen



Focus for the year -- Get involved with a club, a sport, or some other group. Find out what you are interested in and start shopping for ideas for you pathway. Check out the career interest survey at



Promotion requirements

Promotion shall be based upon units accumulated as follows:


  • 6 units for promotion to 10th grade
  • 13 units for promotion to 11th grade

            *must include: English – 2 units; Math – 1 unit: Science – 1 unit; Social Studies – 1 unit.

  • 18 units for promotion to 12th grade


Graduation requirements and diploma types


For Students entering 9th grade in school year 2013-2014 or thereafter:

     *Required Courses and / or Core Courses






















Pathway Requirement:

In order to graduate a student must:

  • Complete a pathway of study
  • Successfully complete required high school coursework

A Pathway consists of three elective units of credit in a coherent sequence that

provides a path for students to meet future career and/or post-secondary education



Pathway choices are:

  • Career, Technical and Agricultural (CTAE)
  • Modern (Foreign) Language
  • Fine Arts
  • Journalism

An Accelerated Pathway in core academic areas may be earned in addition to, not in

lieu of, the required CTAE, Modern (Foreign) Language, Fine Arts or Journalism

Pathway. Students should choose a pathway by the sophomore year; students should

have the opportunity to complete requirements for several pathways.