BCSS Complaint Procedure


Checking out and Back in to school in the same day

If a student checks out early and they plan to return the same day, they must have a verified note to return.


Community Letter


Financial Aid:

Parent Resource Center:

The Parent Resource Center is located near the front of the school next to the Attendance Office.  It is a place where all AHS parents are welcomed.  The center’s resources are focused on providing parents with the information and materials needed for a successful high school experience.  Here, parents can receive Title I information, parenting resources, and information about ways to become more involved in their child’s education.  Parents are welcome to visit the Parent Resource Center between the hours of 7:00AM-3:30PM.


Report Cards

Students need to bring in a self-addressed stamped envelope with the student's name for their final report card.


Resources for Families:


SAT/ACT information


SAT Prep: