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The Barrow County School System App
offers students, parents, and anyone interestedin the Barrow County School System access to acomprehensive suite of apps developed to providetimely and helpful school and district information. BCSS LogoDownload the official Barrow County School System App today for access to your school’s news, calendars, push notifications, and much more! Don't worry, it's FREE!

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How to Download the new BCSS App


  1. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play
  2. Search "Barrow County School System"
  3. Select "Get" then "Install"
  4. You will need to know your Apple or Google account password
  5. After it has installed select "Open"


Initial BCSS App setup


  1. Open the BCSS App
  2. Select school(s) you're interested in "By Location" or "Choose From List"
  3. Make selection(s) and select "Next"
  4. Your app is now personalized for you
  5. Select "Finish" and access "Settings" for further customization

How to Customize your News and Calendar Feeds


  1. Select the "News" icon
  2. By default you will see all the district level news feeds
  3. Select the "Wheel" in the top right hand corner
  4. Select which school(s) you wish to follow
  5. Choose which type of news you want to follow
  6. Select "Back" and then "Done"
  7. Now your customized selection will display in your News Section
  8. Select the "Calendar" icon
  9. Select "Change" in the top right hand corner
  10. Select which system calendar you wish to follow
  11. Select the "Calendar" icon in the lower right hand corner
  12. Then select the "Wheel" in the top right hand corner
  13. Select which school calendars you wish to follow
  14. Select "Back" and then "Done"


How to Setup Push Notifications


  1. Select "Notifications"
  2. To set-up an alert, select the "Wheel" in the top right hand corner
  3. Select "Follow Schools" and choose the school(s) you wish to follow
  4. Select "Back" and then "Configure Alerts"
  5. Choose to turn "New Message" and "School Status Change" on or off
  6. Select "Back" and then "Done

How to View Grades, Assignments, Attendance


  1. Select the Infinite Campus Web/SLDS icon
  2. You will need to enter your user name and password
  3. Once you are logged in you will be able to access your child's information

What is the Barrow County School System Mobile App?

The new BCSS App brings the latest information to your mobile device and/or smart phone. You can easily access school calendars, streaming news feeds, Facebook and Twitter feeds, My School Bucks, Nutrition, Infinite Campus, Sports, and so much more!


What operating systems does the BCSS app support?

BCSS has dedicated apps for both iOS and Android devices.


How do I download the BCSS App for Apple?

Does it cost money to use the BCSS App?

The Barrow County School System app is a FREE tool to help make it easier for Parents and Stakeholders to stay connected to individual schools and the Barrow County School System.


If my contact information is incorrect what do I do?

Please contact your school's front office and let them know. They will be the ones to update your account information for you.


Who do I contact if I need help with the BCSS App?

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