About BCMS

Motto & Mission:

We Believe a Challenging Curriculum Makes Successful Students.

Vision: Bear Creek Middle School will continue to build on the foundation of our rich history and educational success while striving to become the standard for academic excellence in our community.

Pillars for Success:

1. We commit to providing a nurturing, welcoming environment built on patience, understanding, acceptance, and positive relationships.

2. We commit to motivating students through challenging, engaging curriculum that leads to critical thinking, academic success, and high achievement.


3. We commit to promoting a community of respect, honesty, and integrity that honors and appreciates individual differences.


4. We commit to empowering students to become future leaders and productive citizens in an increasingly diverse society.


BCMS Fast Facts:

Mascot: Grizzly

School Colors: Green & Silver

Enrollment: 6th-8th Grade, Approx. 820 students

Feeder Schools: Holsenbeck & Statham Elementary

Cluster: Winder-Barrow High School


School Hours:
Classes: 7:30am - 2:15pm

Office Hours: 7:00am - 3:30pm


School Info:

228 Jefferson Street, Statham, GA 30666

Phone: 770-725-5575

Fax: 770-725-7656