School Governance


A charter system is a local school system that is operating under the terms of a contract between the

local Board of Education and the State Board of Education as provided by the Charter Systems Act. A

Charter System provides the opportunity for teachers, administrators, parents, and school boards to

have greater flexibility to determine the educational needs of students within their district and requires a certain degree of school level governance in the system. To become a charter system, the local school system must submit a charter school petition to the Department of Education after such petition has been approved by the local board. As a charter system all schools within the system are charter schools. Therefore, the following questions that discuss a single charter school will apply to all schools in a charter system.


BCMS Governance Team Members:


Ashley Bailey, teacher representative, Governance Chair

Lauren Carter, school principal, Vice Chair

Leigh Caine, parent representative

Tonia Harbin, teacher representative

Stephanie Sanders, parent representative

Kay Manning, parent representative

Barnard Sims, parent representative

Erica Boswell, teacher representative

Kelly Conaway, parent representative

Shane Lancaster, non-voting representative, ex-officio



BCMS Governance Team Meeting Dates (Meetings are open to the public):



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