Landforms Activity
by Karen Gamblin

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Landform: the natural features of the earth's surface


Have you ever been fishing at a lake or ridden the waves in the Atlantic Ocean? Have you ever hiked up a mountain or gone white water rafting? Maybe you've just ridden your bike down a steep hill in your backyard. If you've done any of these things, you've experienced first-hand the different forms that the land around you can take. In this webquest, you will become experts in geography as you study the earth's landforms and bodies of water.


In pairs,you will collect information from the web on a landform.   You will become a geographical expert on your landform.  These landforms include:

Bay, Gulf, Island, Lake, Mountain, Peninsula, Plains, Pleateau, River, and Valley.

You and your partner will then create a Power Point Presentation of your landform. The slide show will have 6 slides total.


Step 1: Use your research sheet(on clipboard) for notes and facts describing your landforms.

Step 2: You will checkout the web sites listed to find definitions and facts about your landform.

Step 3: After you finish your Notes and Story Board, you will begin your Power Point Presentation.

Slide #1 will contain the name of your landform, you and your partners name, and pictures of your landform.  Find these pictures on the web and copy them on your first slide.

Slide #2:  Describe your landform. Tell the features of this landform.

Slide #3: Find a famous example of your landform.  Copy the picture into the slide and put the name of this landform on it as well.

Slide #4: Find examples of animals that you live in this landform.Copy pictures of these animals to this slide.

Slide #5:  Find examples of plants that live on your landform.Copy pictures of the plants to this slide.

Slide #6: Use this page to type up why you did or didn’t enjoy this project. Did you learn a lot about your landform?


Eduplace Landformations

Enchanted Learning - Landform glossary

Nasa Landformations

Encyclopedia Britannica

Types of Land (mountains, plains, islands)

Encarta On-Line

Landforms of the World (type in the name of your landform and search!

Examples of Landforms!


Congratulations! You are now a geography expert! Not only have you learned a lot, but you have also created a slide show that can be used to teach others about landforms. Good job

When you are finished: Click here to take a landforms quiz!


Your note page is complete and accurate with definitions and drawings

Your slide show has at least 6 slides - with a title, definition, and pictures.

You made at least an 80 on the landforms quiz.

You cooperated with your partner and equally shared responsibility for
your project.