Civil War Scavenger Hunt

1. Which state seceded the Union first and why?

2. Name all the states that seceded the Union?

3. What kind of government did the South create?

4. What was the Underground Railroad?

5. When and how did Frederick Douglass escape slavery?

6. What was the Emancipation Proclamation?.

7. Where were the Lincoln/Douglass debates held - list the sites.  At what site did Lincoln have a thriving law practice?

8. What part did Sojourner Truth play in the Civil War?

9. Draw a picture of the Confederate flag.

10. Draw a picture of the Union flag.

11. Who was Dred Scott?

12. How did the Dred Scott Decision affect the Civil War?

13.  What was Reconstruction?

14.  What happened in October of 1965 at a Georgia Convention?

15.  How did Reconstruction affect the North and South?


Letís begin our Civil War Project!!

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