Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT):


APTT is a family engagement model, designed by Dr. Maria Paredes of WestEd, that strengthens teacher-family relationships by focusing on student academic growth and achievement.  The APTT Model elevates the efforts of traditional parent-teacher conferences by inviting all families of the same classroom teacher to meet together rather than individually.  All Barrow County elementary schools are participating in these interactive parent sessions this year.


An individual parent conference may be scheduled as the need arises by the teacher and/or parent.  Parents may call or write the teacher about scheduling a conference at any time during the school year.  We encourage you to do so any time you have a question or concern.


As of November 1, 2018  the Department of Education has published its new financial data reporting tool as required by HB 139.  The reporting system can be found at the following link: