Welcome to Kennedy Elementary School!!!


It is my honor to be starting my 11th year as principal of this fantastic school.


At Kennedy, we believe in creating Ready, Respectful and Responsible citizens that will make a difference in this world. The foundation of this belief is found in our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) program. In this program we model, teach, and reinforce what it looks and sounds like to be Ready, Respectful, and Responsible in all areas of the school day (from bus ride; to hallways; to bathroom and classrooms). These expectations are reinforced throughout the day by the entire staff.


We have this as a foundation because we believe that when students know and model Ready, Respectful, and Responsible behaviors, the social and academic challenges of the school day are not so hard. Being Ready, Respectful and Responsible makes you successful in reading, writing, math, science and social studies. You are successful in those core academic areas because you will come to school with all your supplies; you will listen to your teachers, and you will give your best effort ALL the time. When you do that, you WILL be a success.


I believe that if we are to be as successful as we know our students can be, we need to make sure that the lines of communication between home and school are always opened and used. Every month we publish, online, the Kennedy Connection newsletter.  This letter will keep you informed of upcoming events within the Kennedy Community as well as give you a glimpse of what is happening academically in each grade level.  This newsletter is sent electronically to the email address you listed on the student locator card.  Please also visit our school website: You will find it a useful tool to learn more about Kennedy and Barrow County Schools. Parents also need to be communicating with their child’s teacher on a regular basis as well as checking your child’s agenda on a nightly basis.


As principal, it is important to me that everyone who steps though our doors- staff, students, and parents - are happy and excited to be here!  This attitude enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive, fun, and nurturing environment.  Our mission is to provide our students with opportunities to meet individual needs and to insure that every child has experiences that challenge them to go further than they thought they could.  We want them to believe that they can succeed and have many opportunities to be successful.


We will meet this mission with the support and involvement of our parents and community.  With your help and support, we will succeed in our mission, creating a great place for students to learn and teachers to teach.


When we ALL work together and do things with the best interests of our students as the focus, we will be a Remarkable school!


If I can ever be of assistance, please call or email me (! It is through honest and open communication that I can best serve our students.




Ryan Butcher




I am very honored and humbled to be the Assistant Principal at

Kennedy Elementary School! Although this is my first year at an

elementary school, this is my 17th year in education. I previously

taught science at the high school and middle school levels and I

have been an administrator at our feeder middle school, Westside

Middle, for the past six years. I am excited to begin this journey

with such an amazing and caring staff.


Your child’s well-being is my number one concern. I want each

student to feel safe, secure, and loved every day. I truly believe t

hat through building positive relationships and providing a caring

and safe learning environment, we will help each child be as

successful as they can be, each and every day. I can’t wait to work

with our faculty and staff to make Kennedy Elementary School a

great place to learn, grow, and succeed for all of our students!



Trey Neupert

Assistant Principal






Mr. Ryan Butcher

Assistant Principal

Mr. Trey Neuper