PrincipalPrincipal's Welcome:

Welcome to the 2018 – 2019 school year! It is my sincere pleasure and honor to be the Principal of Russell Middle School. We are Boldly Committed to Student Success at RMS. Russell Middle has accomplished many great things, and my goal is to perpetuate this tradition of excellence. I am excited to partner with Mrs. Seeley and Ms. Wages to lead a school that teaches and models lifelong learning in an environment of mutual respect. I believe that families, teachers, support staff, community, and administration all have a tremendous responsibility to encourage our students to become active, lifelong learners. It is important that we instill the values and skills necessary for our students to become productive citizens in a vastly changing society. If you are new to Russell Middle School, welcome to the DogPack family! Parents, I invite you to take an active role in your child’s education at Russell Middle School. Please stay involved in the educational journey of your child throughout their adolescent years. We appreciate and desire your involvement at RMS!


Before becoming Principal, I served for two years as the Assistant Principal of the DogPack. Prior to that, I was a middle school teacher in Barrow County for eight years. I am a proud graduate of the University of Georgia and a resident of Barrow County. I look forward to working with you and assisting in the growth of our children. If families, teachers, and students work together great things will be accomplished. At Russell Middle School we want every child to experience success. Education does not guarantee success, but it is the KEY to opportunity. We want every student to leave Russell Middle knowing that they are well prepared for the next step in their life. We strive to live out our motto on a daily basis: “Role Model Staff + Role Model Students = Role Model School”. I look forward to a GREAT YEAR of being Barrow BOLD!


J. Paul DeFoor



Assistant Principal's Welcome:

It is with great excitement that I welcome students and parents to our 18-19 school year here at RMS. As a school, we have faced challenges every year and we will continue to do so, meeting those challenges with a firm belief in our students to be the best Role Model Students that they can be. As I begin my 29th year as a member of the Dogpack, I look forward to moving back onto the classroom, working with our 8th grade Honors Algebra students. Families, continue to be Barrow Bold, involving yourselves in your student’s education. Contact the teachers of your student, question your student about what they did and ask for details about what they talked about in class that day. We have several innovative teaching practices occurring daily throughout our building. At RMS, we are Boldly Committed to Student Success and want all our parent, guardians and students to be part of that commitment


Terri Seeley





Assistant Principal's Welcome:


Welcome DogPack Community!


I am overwhelmed with joy to serve as the assistant principal here at Russell Middle School. This school year marks my fourteenth year of service in education. My career began at Yargo Elementary where I was in the role of a classroom teacher. For the last eight years I have served the Bethlehem Elementary community as the instructional coach and most recently as the assistant principal. All experiences have afforded me the opportunity to work with exceptional students, families, staff, and the community of the Barrow County School System.


As a proud graduate of Barrow County Schools, I am ecstatic to continue to work with the students, parents, staff, and community of Barrow County. These middle school years are full of opportunity and change. Therefore, we commit to work to provide the most meaningful academic, social, and life-long learning experiences for your children. We are a Role Model School with a Role Model Staff and Role Model Students.


I look forward to getting to know you and want to support you in any

way I can. Assistant PrincipalMeridith WagesI am a firm believer in KIDS and will strive to make decisions based on every child’s best interest. Let’s team up together to make this the best year yet!








Paul DeFoor

Assistant Principal

Terri Seeley