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SES School Garden - Learning About Legumes


Who knows about our fabulous school garden? Mrs. Cole worked with several homeroom classes and incorporated our school garden in her lessons.


Mrs. Cole’s students learned to #makeroomforlegumes through books that they read. When she was in Mrs. Burnette's room, they read 'In The Garden With Dr. Carver' by Susan Grigsby. Students made a text to text connection with a Gail Gibbons book 'Spiders' that they have been reading during their reading block. In the book, Dr. Carver showed the children that the spider was helping the garden. Also in the book, Dr. Carver showed the children how to make their garden healthier by adding rich and leafy loam. Our expert gardener, Tiffany Landress, told them that they could make their garden healthier by adding worms! Thanks to Jim Cole for providing the worms. Finally, they made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Hummus using manual food processors.


In Mrs. Harrison's class they read 'Tops and Bottoms' by Janet Stevens. They learned about how botanists group the different kinds of vegetables according to the part of the vegetable that is eaten from a Gail Gibbons book, 'The Vegetables We Eat.' Finally, they enjoyed vegetable soup they made and discussed if the vegetables they added were the tops or bottoms of the plants. #farmtoschool #georgiaorganics