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Dr. Matt Thompson, Director, Student & Data Services


Barrow County School System
Student & Data Services

The goal of the student services department is to support student
achievement by providing support services to students, families,
school staff and the community in order to remove or reduce the
impact of barriers to student achievement. In order to accomplish
this goal, student services staff participate or hold leadership roles
in a number of local and state organizations. These include: Barrow
County Family Connection, The Tree House, Barrow County
Health Department, Barrow County Community Based Risk Reduction Program, Holiday Connection, Georgia Association of Educators, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program, Lanier Tech, School Social Workers Association of Georgia, Children After the Fire planning group, Local Interagency planning team, Piedmont CASA, Child Fatality review Board, Critical incident Stress Management and Barrow County Association of Education Office Professionals.


I am glad that you stopped by. Please take a minute to browse the wide range of services provided through the student services department.


In the student services department we believe that education is the key that unlocks the potential in every student. It empowers students to be productive citizens in today’s complex society. Education is the key to the future: our future as well as the future of our students.


Students have the potential to learn from every person and situation they encounter. Students, parents, educators, and community members all have a role to play in educating students. In an ideal world, everything would work well together and students would achieve success in school and life. However, too often this isn’t reality. Many students encounter barriers and miss resources along the way. Some students develop physical or emotional problems that limit their ability to participate fully in school. Others are distracted from learning with concerns brought on by financial hardships, substance abuse, child abuse, lack of health care, school climate and a host of other issues.


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