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Media Specialist


Hours of Operation: 7:00am-3:00pm


Media Center Procedures:


Students must have a pass to the media center signed by a staff member (teacher) who is responsible for them during that class period. Students must sign in and out upon arrival and when exiting the library in the book located on the circulation desk. A library staff member will also need to sign the student’s pass when entering and before leaving the school media center.


No food or drink is allowed in the media center.


Checking-Out & Returning Books:


Students are responsible for all library books that are checked out to them. If a book is needed for more than two weeks, students need to come by the media center with their books and renew them for another two weeks. Only 2 books may be checked out to a student at one time.  If students have an overdue book, they may not check out any new material until it has been returned and the fine paid. (This does not apply to non bar-coded paperbacks. Please ask the media staff for location of paperback books.) Magazines and newspapers are also available for use in the media center.


The due dates are stamped in the front of the books when checked out and a book is considered late the following day. Students will be charged 5 cents a day until the book is returned or paid for. Returning an overdue book does not excuse the incurred late fee. Students will be notified by automated phone calls and overdue notices in advisement sessions (refer to the Overdue Book List for a complete list of student names). Students are responsible for clearing their accounts at the end of each semester. Cash or money order will be accepted. Please see, call, or email media staff if you have any questions about an overdue book.


If students lose or damage a book, they are responsible for paying for it. All library books must be returned or paid for before grades will be given. Students who owe library fines will not only not receive their report cards, but they will not be allowed to purchase a parking pass the following school year until their library record is cleared. Senior accounts must be cleared before graduation practice or they will not be permitted to walk.


Use of Computers:



You may print school-related documents for 10 cents (black/white) or 25 cents (color) per page. Black and white copies may be made for 10 cents per page.

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