WMS Clubs/Sports


Westside Middle School offers many Clubs & Sports for students in 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade.



Westside Ambassadors

Dr. Bowling

Ms. Durden

Ms. Miller


Green Team (Info)

Ms. George

Ms. Smith

Ms. Zelik

Ms. Feick

Ms. Rary



Mr. Pearce


Beta Club

Ms. Ham

Ms. Begnaud


Team Sports

Ms. Morris

Ms. Register


Broadcasting Club

Ms. Croy

Ms. Ham

Ms. Spangler



Mr. Varga

Ms. Garmon


Step Team

Ms. Adams

Ms. Cain


Mr. Roberts

Mr. Ladson


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Ms. MacDowell

Ms. Bishop

Ms. Hoag

Ms. Sumner

Ms. Swift


Future Problem Solvers

Ms. George



Ms. D'Aloisio



Ms. Bryant


Book Club

Ms. English

Ms. C. Smith



Ms. Deckard


Computer - Website

Ms. Hulett


Chess Club

Mr. Bemid

Mr. Pearce


Basketball- Boy's (2017-2018 Schedule)

Mr. Barber

Mr. Dunlap


Basketball- Girl's (2017-2018 Schedule)

Ms. Williams

Ms. Murphy


Ms. M. Davis

Ms. Fouquette


Cross Country (2017-2018 Schedule)

Ms. Murphy


Football (2017-2018 Schedule)

Mr. Davis

Mr. Moore

Mr. Roberts

Mr. Croffie



Mr. Davis

Ms. Murphy


Volleyball (2017-2018 Schedule)

Ms. Sumners

Ms. Fouquette