6th Grade

We can hardly believe that half of the year has passed by! We hope that your family enjoyed their Christmas break and that students have come back refreshed and ready to learn. Classes will be busy in the months leading up to the CRCT in April.

As we look at our needs, we are noticing that students have almost depleted our supplies of pencils. With cold and flu season upon us, tissues will be in great demand. If you can donate any of these to your child’s teacher for classroom use, it would be greatly appreciated!

In language arts and reading, students will be coming back after Christmas break to begin the adjective/adverb unit for grammar.Also, students will begin a new writing project.Please ask and encourage your child to discuss upcoming projects and current literature that they are reading.Also, please remember that students should be reading from their AR books daily for thirty to forty minutes to maintain and increase comprehension skills.

The students is 6th grade math have just finished working with setting up and solving equations.  We are beginning 2nd semester with units on measurements. We are beginning with the customary system of measurement followed by the metric system. Students will apply skills of application and conversions within the two systems of measurement; we will review proportions as we work on measurement conversions. Once we understand measurements, we will analyze various aspects of geometry including volume and surface area of geometric figures.

Science classes will be learning about weather, climate, and what we see as a result of the movement of the Earth, moon, and sun. We have many hands on activities planned, but students will need to make sure they are reviewing notes and studying. We are working towards students becoming more independent thinkers. Many demonstrations will occur in class, but students will be expected to explain these demonstrations in their own words.

In social studies, we have previously learned about the history, geography, governments, economies, and environmental problems of Europe. We are currently learning about the history and geography of Latin America. As the 3rd nine weeks begins we will be learning about the governments, economies, and environmental problems of Latin America. Units in sixth grade Social Studies build on information from previous units, so please make sure that your student keeps notes from throughout the year to study.


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