School Governance


"School level governance" means decision-making authority in personnel decisions, financial decisions, curriculum and instruction, resource allocation, establishing and monitoring the achievement of school improvement goals, and school operations. "

[See O.C.G.A. 20-2-2062(12.1)]


The Purpose of the School Governance Team:

The purpose of the School Governance Team (SGT) is to make decisions that support the continuous improvement of the school in accordance with the provisions of the Charter. The members of the SGT are accountable to the constituents they serve and will perform those functions and duties and have those responsibilities of a school governance team as are set forth in the Charter. The SGT understands that the Charter governs the operations of Barrow County Schools. To the extent that there is any inconsistency between these bylaws and the Charter, the Charter will govern.


Duties of School Governance Team:

  • School-community communication strategies
  • Methods of involving parents and the community
  • School-based and community services
  • Review formative and summative assessment data for the purpose of improving student achievement
  • Actively participate in the review of our district accreditation standards
  • Provide input on principal selection to the Superintendent
  • Recommend school needs during the budget process



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WMS Governance Team Members:


Assistant Principal
Trey Neupert


Business Partner
Ms. Staci Hubbard
Mr. Foster Saunders

Parents/Community Members

Ms. Jennifer Jones

Ms. Charity Lee


Dr. Brad Bowling


Ms. Sara Kendrick

Ms. Joy Miller


Westside Middle School Governance Team Meeting Dates: 2016-2



August 11, 2016  2:30-3:30


September 1, 2016    2:30-3:30


October 6, 2016    2:30-3:30


November 3, 2016    2:30-3:30


December 1, 2016    2:30-3:30


January 12, 2016    2:30-3:30


February 2, 2016    2:30-3:30


March 2, 2016    2:30-3:30


April 6, 2016    2:30-3:30
















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