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Here are some of the websites we like to visit. They are organized by subject area. Please be aware that these links will take you out of the Yargo Elementary web site. Barrow County Schools is not responsible for their content.



Funschool - Educational games and activities for grades Kindergarten through sixth grade

Kiddonet - Includes games, jokes, graffiti drawing area. Must register to use this site.






Morton Subotnick’s - Creating Music Explore and create your own music

Instrument Encyclopedia - A collection of the world’s most interesting instruments

Quia - Music Test your musical knowledge with these fun quizzes

Symphony: An Interactive Guide - A ThinkQuest project with resources on famous composers

Energy in the Air - Experience the different pieces in an orchestra and learn more about sound


Social Studies

Learn at Home - A Listing of Government Agency Pages for Kids

White House for Kids - Meet the current residents of the White House and get a tour

Greatest Places Take a journey - Seven of the greatest places on Earth

National Geographic Kids - Based on the magazine with cool stories and activities

Stately Knowledge - Look here for basic facts about each state