Distance Learning

For information about the 2021-2022 Distance Learning plans, visit our Barrow Online Campus.

Google Classroom is the platform BCSS teachers use to push out daily lessons and assignments for digital learning. Google Classroom allows teachers to share information about lessons, distribute assignments, and keep student’s daily responsibilities organized. There is more than one way to provide instruction for digital learners. Students will participate in synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Synchronous learning occurs when students and teachers are online at the same time (live instruction). Teachers will connect with their classes via video meetings for live instruction.

Asynchronous learning occurs when students can access recorded information and complete work on their own (independently). Information is relayed online through discussion boards, video conferencing, and other methods. Students are required to access classroom lessons and materials and submit their assignments to their teachers using Google Classroom.

In an effort to limit screen time during the day, particularly with younger students, teachers will also provide activities that do not involve a computer.

Parent Tip:
Sign up for Google Guardian to get emails on your child's Google Classroom progress. (Gmail account required and invite will come from a teacher.)

Expectations for Distance Learning

Just like In-Person Learners, BCSS Digital Learners are expected to do the following:

  • Attend digital learning following their class schedule
  • Follow classroom rules and procedures
  • Complete assignments  

If a digital learner is not attending class regularly, not following classroom rules and procedures, or not completing work, the following steps will be followed:

Referral Steps - Student-Teacher Conferences, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Referral to School Counselor, Referral to School Admin, Referral to Social Worker

*In cases of extreme concern referral to an administrator or district social worker may be the first step applied.


The BCSS Attendance Policy will remain in effect, and attendance will be recorded daily. Students are expected to make every effort to log into their Google Classroom during their assigned class time to attend a live or prerecorded session and complete daily assignments. Students that do so will be marked present for class in real time. On occasions when this is not possible, there are alternate ways for the student to access their instructional materials and assignments outside of the regular schedule in order to meet the daily attendance conditions and be counted as virtually present for class.

In order for a student to be marked “present” for class, they are expected to interact with teachers every day. This interaction may include any of the following:

  • Participation in live or pre-recorded instruction
  • Participation in teacher facilitated small group instruction
  • Completion of daily assignments, online forms, questions or surveys
  • Schedule and/or attend a meeting during the teacher’s office hours

Should a student not participate within 48 hours of their scheduled class time and nor meet the daily attendance conditions as described above, the student will be marked absent for that class by the end of the following school day. If you have concerns about your child not being able to submit work daily, please reach out to your child's teacher.

Notice to Parents and Students:

Please be aware these lessons are being recorded for instructional purposes. ​While participating in online education, it is strongly recommended students be provided a safe, quiet and private space in which to do their work. Please do not allow anything on your ​student's camera that you wouldn’t want your classmates, ​your student's teacher, administrator or ​other parents to see or hear. BCSS reserves the right to enforce the Student Code of Conduct in the online classroom to the extent that student conduct interferes in any way with the effective, respectful and civil operation of the classroom. If you do not want your child's image or voice to be a part of the recorded lesson, please turn off the camera and/or microphone or watch the recorded version instead of participating in the live streamed lesson. For optimal engagement and interaction with teachers, it is recommended that cameras remain on during class time.

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