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Learning from Home Guidelines

  • The elementary instructional focus will be on the Literacy and Mathematics priority standards.
  • Learning Choice Boards (found below) in K-5 will continue to be provided for students to use as supplemental activities.
  • Pre-K students will continue using learning choice boards or activities provided by Bright from the Start. Pre-K teachers may send additional information to their students.
  • Starting April 20, 2020 - Teachers will begin teaching Literacy & Math lessons using Google classroom and other online tools such as Seesaw, etc. Science and Social Studies standards may be integrated with literacy and math lessons or projects as appropriate.
  • Teachers will post assignments and activities by 9 a.m. Monday-Thursday. Teachers will follow the weekly schedule below: 
    • Monday and Tuesday - Literacy Lesson and Activity
    • Wednesday and Thursday - Mathematics Mini-Lesson and Activity
    • Friday - Make-up Day/School Choice - Students may finish any unfinished work, enjoy the day with their families, enjoy more time outdoors, spend the day being creative
  • Students in grades K-3 will receive instructional information from their teacher. Teachers will use Google Classroom as a teaching platform. Teachers may ask students to submit assignments via Google Classroom or Seesaw, etc.
  • Students in grade 4-5 will login to Google Classroom each day. Teachers will post lessons, activities, assignments, etc. in Google Classroom. Students will also be asked to submit assignments via Google Classroom.
  • Students should follow the expectations and deadlines set by their teachers for completing activities and submitting assignments.
  • Teachers may give several assignments during the week. However, teachers in grades K-3 will review and give feedback to students on at least one literacy and one math assignment per week. Teachers in grades 4 & 5 will grade/give feedback on at least one assignment per week per subject for the remainder of the remote learning period.
  • Students and families should continue to contact teachers with questions or concerns via email.

Special Education Information

BCSS special education teachers will be available for communicating with students and parents/guardians of both students on their caseload and with the special education students that they teach regarding these guidelines for the continuation of remote learning. Special education teachers will plan and implement differentiated instruction to include modifications and accommodations as outlined in Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for the students that they teach. Assistive technologies, to include items such as text read-aloud, will be made available to those students requiring such accommodations as outlined in IEPs.

Parents and families are able to participate in virtual IEP meetings. BCSS special education teachers are available for communicating with parents/guardians regarding virtual IEP meetings and other IEP information for the students on their caseload. Additionally, special education students should be assessed on IEP goal progress during the distance learning process to the extent possible.


Each PDF offers a menu of learning activities so you and your child to select which specific activities you complete each day. Each day, pick one activity from each column to complete. You are not required to send this work back to school. You can keep it at home as part of a learning portfolio. We understand the challenges some families are facing and do not want our learning from home activities to create additional stress. Please have students do what they can, when they can.

Important Reminders

  1. All Barrow County digital resources are free. Parents and students should not use any website or resource prompting any form of payment for access or subscriptions.
  2. For attendance purposes, students should login and communicate with their teachers each day.
  3. Students who do not complete assignments will have an opportunity to make up assignments, as appropriate.

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