Students who have registered for the Student Technology Competition (STC) should prepare the following items to submit their project:

  • Your Project Registration Number
    • Emailed to you after you registered
  • Project Abstract
    • Instructions below
  • Project Presentation Video
    • length: 10-15 minutes
  • (Optional) Up to 5 Additional Supporting Files
    • Screenshots, documentation, photos, pdfs, etc. (Max 100MB per file)
    • Only submit additional files that would best assist the judges in understanding the work and process involved in the project.

Project Submissions will be accepted from October 25 until midnight on November 5.

The November 5th submission deadline cannot be extended, and late projects will not be accepted.

Recommendations & Suggestions:

  • Before your record your presentation video, review the rubric for your Category.
  • Draft an outline for your presentation, but do not read directly from a script.
  • You are allowed to have someone assist you with recording your video.
  • Set up your project as if you were were presenting it to the judges and talking to them with your project in front of you.
  • record your video in landscape mode (horizontal, rather than vertical)
  • Look directly into the camera
  • Avoid shaky or tilted cameras
  • Find good lighting to record your video in.
  • Understand that you will NOT be judged on video production quality or resolution.

Abstract Instructions:

  • Abstracts must be submitted using the official abstract form provided below.
  • Information on the abstract form must be typed and not handwritten.
  • Be sure to include your correct Project Registration Number.
  • Only one abstract should be completed per project, not per team member.
  • Only one category should be selected per project.
    • Choose carefully. This cannot be changed once you submit your application.
  • The abstract provides a brief description of your project that includes:
    • The intended purpose of your project,
    • The technology tools (hardware or software) that were used, and
    • A summary of your creative process
  • Be sure to download a copy of the abstract "with your changes" filled in to include with in your application.

project Presentation Video instructions:

  1. Introduction: 
    1. Introduce yourself, grade level, and project category 
    2. Do NOT say your school or school system 
  2. Address ALL the topics listed below within the 10–15 minute video presentation: 
    1. Describe the intended purpose of your project 
    2. Demonstrate your project and how it functions 
    3. If your project is not currently working, explain why 
    4. If the full length of the whole project takes a long time to show (like a long audio or video), upload a link to the whole project separately.  Focus your video time on the highlights of the project. 
    5. Demonstrate your knowledge and skills in the software/hardware used to create the project. 
    6. Describe the unique aspects of your project and any creative steps you took in the design process 
    7. Explain any new skills learned and applied while creating your project.  This can include software or hardware. 
    8. Give credit to or document any non-student produced material or sources that you used to create your project 
    9. Give a brief reflection on improvements that you plan to or would like to make to this current state of your project, or what you would do differently if you had to do it all over again 
  3. Suggested, but Optional:   
    1. Answer some pretend questions that a judge or live audience member may have asked you during an in-person presentation. 
    2. Explain whether you worked alone or with a partner, or if anyone worked with or helped you. 
    3. What involvement did teachers or family members have? 
    4. How long did it take you to create your project? 
    5. What was the easiest or most challenging part? 
    6. What did you enjoy most about this project? 


This site provides information using PDF, visit this link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.