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BCSS Cafeteria Charge Policy


A copy of the charge policy shall be sent home with each student at the beginning of the school year. The charge policy shall also be included in handbooks and/or online portals. Breakfast is served at no cost to all Barrow County students. School lunch meals should be paid for in advance or at time of purchase.

Payments may be made with cash or check at the register. Secure online payments may be made with a debit or credit card with an online meal pay service found at a link on the School Nutrition Website. If necessary, a student lunch may be charged. All charges must be paid as soon as possible. Students with a negative balance are not allowed to purchase Ala Carte items or extra food items in the cafeteria.

A charge notice will be sent to parents weekly via the following method - email, text or letter. Principals will also be notified of charged meal balances.

Barrow County does not participate in an alternate meal. Barrow County does not take-away student trays.

Families must re-apply each school year for free and reduced price meal benefits. Applications are available at each school, on the Barrow County Schools website, and online. All information provided is confidential.

Students with unpaid meal charges may be denied participation in special events or activities (field days, non-instructional field trips, Prom/dances, graduation activities, and/or purchasing parking passes) if deemed necessary, Report cards will not be distributed until outstanding balance is paid.

Principals will aid in the collection of outstanding balances.

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          Please Note: If your check is dishonored by the bank, a service fee will be assessed in
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          authorize electronic representment if your check should return unpaid. Also, you authorize
          service charges and processing fees, as determined by law, to be debited (at our option)

          from the same account via paper draft or electronic funds transfer.


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