Certificate of Enrollment

Certificate is issued in the front office. There needs to be a 24-48 hour notice.


Certificate of Enrollment: 1st certificate is free, additional requests are $3




Letter of Recommendation from your School Counselor
Not all colleges and universities will require students to obtain a school counselors recommendation.  If your school does, please print and complete the Senior Brag Sheet.  Then bring that to your school counselor and let them know what college you are applying to.  Also, print out two copies of the Student Evaluation Form and give one to teacher in the school who knows you best and have those teachers submit the completed forms to your counselor so that your Letter of Recommendation can be completed.  Make sure you give your counselor advanced notice before the application deadline so that a thorough and well prepared letter can be written.


Parking Permits
Parking permits can be purchased in the Front Office for Juniors and Seniors. Make sure you bring $50, current proof of insurance and license. Also, don’t forget the application requires a parent signature.

Promotion Requirements

Promotion shall be based upon units accumulated as follows:

Freshman to Sophomore - 6 Units

Sophomore to Junior - 13 Units (Eng - 2 Units, Math - 1 Unit, Science - 1 Unit, Social Studies - 1 Unit)

Junior to Senior - 20 Units

Graduate - 28 Units


Grade levels will not be changed between first and second semester unless the student is moving into the 12th grade.


SAT Preparation


Schedule Change

Students will have three days after a semester begins to request a schedule change.  Schedule changes will be considered for the following reasons:


  • A compelling academic reason
  • Credit earned in summer school
  • Duplication of course or credit
  • Failed prerequisite course
  • Inappropriate level of instruction


Student Council

Student Portal




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