Monday: I’m RED-y to send the message that I’ll stay drug-free!

  - Wear as much red as you can.

Tuesday: Sending the message: I’ll be drug-free from head to toe!

  - Crazy Hat, Hair or Sock Day

Wednesday: Sending the message: I’ve got my thinking cap on! Ready to learn!

             - Wear a hat to remind yourself that drugs are unhealthy for your brain.

                          All must be children’s book characters – no scary characters allowed.

Thursday: Sending the message: Books are better than drugs!

                      - Dress as your favorite book character - bring the book if you want!

Friday: Sending the message: Drugs are as old school as snail mail!

                       - Decade Day- Dress in clothes from your decade of choice.

Welcome to Bethlehem Elementary School!

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Upcoming Dates & Events


October 28-November 1 - Red Ribbon Week

                                          (See below for Dress-up Themes)

November 2 - Jodie Odom 5k and Fall Festival

November 5 - Teacher Work Day

November 22 - Adult Literacy Barrow Read-a-thon

November 25-29 - Thanksgiving Break