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Arts & Innovation Magnet Program Lottery Results:

AIM@CFIT Russell Middle 6th
AIM@CFIT Westside Middle 6th
AIM@CFIT Westside Middle 7th

Applications for the Arts & Innovation Magnet program may still be submitted via email to for students that wish to be placed on the program’s waiting list.



A year-long series of standards-based lessons integrating theater, dance, and visual arts.


Fifth and sixth grade students will experience CFIT’s innovative approach to teaching and learning every day of the school year.


In order to accomplish our mission statement of “ensuring an exceptional education that leads each student to become a high achieving and responsible citizen”, the Barrow County School System intentionally grows its teachers and students by supporting innovations in teaching and learning.


By definition, innovation is action that results in new methods, ideas, and products.  Our current innovations in teaching and learning involve STEAM-inspired instructional practices with special emphasis on project-based learning, arts integration, and the 5 C’s of 21st Century Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Career Readiness.)

The nexus of the system’s support for innovation is our Center for Innovative Teaching (CFIT), located at 84 West Midland Avenue in Winder.  Within the CFIT campus, students, teachers, and other stakeholders have access to the school system’s only Black Box Theater and Dance Studio.  Other innovative spaces at the center include a 1000 square foot makerspace, a robotics lab, dedicated theater and visual arts classrooms, several large meeting spaces, and and our newly-installed Learning Garden supporting in part with grant funding from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.



ArtsNow and Barrow County School System Partnership

ArtsNow is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming education through arts integration and innovative practices by providing professional development and educational resources. As a nationally recognized leader of innovative professional learning working across the state of Georgia and beyond, ArtsNow has proudly been in partnership with Barrow County School System for a decade.


Now, ArtsNow is in a district-wide partnership with the Barrow County School System to help plan, develop, and lead programs at the Center For Innovative Teaching. To help support this vision, ArtsNow has established regional offices and a professional learning hub at the CFIT.



A new project focused on developing student’s computational thinking through robotics and programming.

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