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If your address does not show a connection, type in a neighboring street address.  There may not be an existing bus stop on your street.
Questions please call Transportation - 770-867-2783

Parents, please go over the “Danger Zone” with your students. click here

Tonya Bailey,  (email click here) Special Needs, Transportation, 504 Plan Transportation, Alternative School Transportation, SPHS Transportation

Transportation Specialist Manager, Carol Boozer, (email click) Field Trip Manager, Payroll Manager

Substitute Manager, Brenda Dowdy (email click here)

Other important transportation contacts:
Note:  Cluster Managers will be able to  respond to an email quicker than a phone call.  If you cannot reach the Managers by phone please email the Cluster Manager that is assigned to your student’s school.

Haymon-Morris Middle Cluster Manager
Brenda Dowdy - email click here
Rutland Academy
Cleveland Road

Russell Middle Cluster Manager
Tonya Bailey
- email click here

Westside Middle Cluster Manager
Terri Riemenschneider
- email click here

Bear Creek Middle Cluster Manager
Karrie Poteete - email click here



The Barrow County Schools Transportation Department makes available school bus service for more than 13,200 students enrolled in Barrow County Schools who reside in the school district of the school they are attending.  School transportation is provided in conformance with pupil transportation policies and procedures established by the State Board of Education and the Barrow County Board of Education.

The school system operates over 160 buses serving more than 266 routes and covering more than 3.7 million miles in one year.  Most drivers have an elementary school route and middle, high school route.  Some drivers, such as our Special Needs drivers, may serve several different schools in both their morning and afternoon routes.

Route Information:

  • Buses shall not be routed down a street or highway that does not afford a satisfactory turnaround or is otherwise unsafe for bus travel.
  • Buses are not to be routed on private property (this includes most mobile home parks and apartment complexes).
  • The Director of Transportation may make an adjustment in bus stop location, if warranted, to eliminate unsafe or hazardous conditions.
  • School bus routes are established during the summer before school starts each year.
  • Routes will be adjusted as needed after school begins to make the routes effective and efficient.
  • Bus stops on the routes are not always the same as the previous year.
  • Safety of bus riders is always our greatest concern.

Parents should:

  • Review bus safety rules with your child and stress the necessity of observing them.
  • Make sure your child is at the bus stop five minutes early.  Never be late.  Haste increases the chance of accident.
  • Remind your child to walk on the shoulder of the road on the way to the bus stop, where possible, and not on the traveled portion of the road.
  • Remind your child to wait 12 feet off the road at their assigned bus stop, wait for the bus drivers signal and always look before crossing the road.
  • Students should not move toward the bus until the bus and all traffic have stopped.  Students should stop and look before crossing the road when preparing to board or depart the bus.  It is very important to look - do not expect approaching traffic to stop.  Your child should never move from the bus or assigned bus stop until the driver has given them the signal to do so.


School transportation is a privilege and to maintain this privilege, a student must abide by established bus conduct rules.
  A pupil's transportation privilege may be suspended or revoked if conduct creates a disruption or safety hazard on the school bus.  The principal or his/her designee handles all disciplinary action taken for misconduct on the school bus.

Only authorized personnel are allowed aboard a school bus.  Authorized personnel include the driver, transportation department employees, pupils, approved school system personnel, chaperones, and law enforcement officers.

Written authorization from a parent, with the signature of a local school administrator must be presented to the bus driver in order for a student to leave the school bus at any stop other than his/her regular stop.

On occasion a pupil may ride on a bus that they are not regularly assigned if there is space available and the pupil has written authorization from a parent signed by a local school administrator.

If your child misses the school bus they should call their parents.  They should never chase the bus for safety reasons.


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