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Dress Code

The purpose of this dress code is to assist administrators, teachers, students, and parents in fulfilling the mission of Barrow County Schools to provide all students quality educational opportunities that enable them to become successful, responsible, and contributing citizens. To accomplish this mission, the learning environment must be one that is safe, disciplined, and free of distractions. Therefore, the dress code regulations that follow are not designed to inhibit personal taste but to encourage learning, good behavior, and safety. If you come to school wearing clothing/jewelry that creates a disruption to the learning environment and/or is in violation of any of the following rules, you will be asked to call your parent/guardian to bring appropriate clothes to wear. Remember, always consider the outer layer of clothing for dress code compliance.

  1. Any clothing, hairstyle (including hair color), jewelry (including facial piercings), chains, or attire that is distracting or causes a disruption or constitutes a safety issue will not be permitted at school.
  2. Shorts, skirts, dresses, and spirit wear must be of fingertip length.
  3. All shirts, dresses, and blouses must have moderate sleeves.
  4. Clothing such as skirts, pants, trousers, etc., must be worn at the waist. Clothing shall not be poorly fitted or oversized or extremely baggy. Clothing that exposes underclothing or impedes walking will not be permitted.
  5. Jeans and other clothing with holes are NOT permitted.
  6. Clothing and/or jewelry, which advertises or displays any insignia of alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco is not permitted.
  7. Clothing and/or jewelry with words or symbols which are offensive, insulting, embarrassing, sexually suggestive, obscene, gang-related, or promote violence, terrorism, or abusive behavior will not be permitted at school.
  8. Clothing that distracts by exposing or accentuating the body, such as spandex pants, leggings/tights, see-through garments, halter or tube tops, backless dresses, muscle shirts, bare midriff outfits, or shirts, blouses, etc., that are tied at or may rise above the waist will not be permitted at school.
  9. Sunglasses, caps, hats, and other head-coverings such as bandanas and hoods will not be worn inside the school building.
  10. Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times at school. House/bedroom slippers are not permitted.
  11. Pajamas/pajama pants are not permitted.


Students earn reward days through our Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS).

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