Bulldogg Studios

a Student-driven music program

Welcome to Bulldogg Studios, a new recording studio at Winder-Barrow High School. This program will equip and empower students to pursue careers in the various fields that utilize sound engineers. It's a music tech class that can turn into a career. Some careers that students could pursue include:

  • Recording Engineer
  • Beats producer
  • Songwriter 
  • Sound design for film and video games
  • Composing for film, tv, and video games
  • Owning a studio
  • Podcasting
  • Publishing music
  • ... and so many more!

Preparing TO GO LIVE

Bulldogg Studios will be opening its doors in January 2021 with the first class of students.  It will be more than a class - it will be the training for your future workforce. Our vision is to create a professional recording studio with current hardware, software, and instruments that will provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in the growing Music Technology job market. 

We are looking for partners to help us create the studios at WBHS. Due to limited school funding that is available, we are seeking the support of donors to help us buy the equipment necessary to give our students the best possible learning experience. 

Although the number is quite large, any and all help is much appreciated, even small donations will help us acquire more gear, create more student stations, and acoustically treat and soundproof the classroom. Donate now!

We have some incredible students here at Winder-Barrow High School, and they deserve to have a world class experience as they Record and Produce at Bulldogg Studios. Would you like to join us as a partner? Click below to learn more. 

Learn more about how you can get involved as a sponsor 

About the Program

Students will join the Bulldogg Studios with some basic knowledge of music from experience in Band, Chorus, Musicals, or the Rock Band course. Once they have taken this class, students will leave with a handful of recordings that they produced themselves, plus the knowledge and skills necessary to record and produce any singer or instrument that comes their way.

Students will be introduced to the types of microphones and their effect on a sound source, along with the various ways you can process a sound to make it fit better in a mix. They will learn the art of mixing, which is when you take a dense mixture of all sorts of instruments and process them in a way that they can be heard clearly. This class will also introduce students to many instrument types, from the typical band, percussion, and string instruments, to the vast and growing world of digital instruments and synthesizers. Students will also learn what it is like to work and communicate with the various professional musicians when Bulldogg Studios hosts session players for their recordings.

Students will learn about various career paths available to them. They will have an opportunity to meet various artists and producers that can give students a thorough understanding of what it takes to be a professional in the industry. WBHS students will also host a podcast, where they will chat with students, teachers, industry professionals, and some of our sponsors.

WBHS Bulldogg Studios has partnered with Tweed Recording in Athens, GA.  They have given us incredible guidance and support and will also allow WBHS students to participate in their Saturday sessions that are otherwise for Tweed Recording students only.

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If you are interested in donating to this program or in helping supply us with recording equipment or instruments that can be used by students, please contact either Josh Shadburn or Dena McElhannon, the WBHS Partner in Education Coordinator.

If you are interested in taking either Music Technology or Rock Band (guitar, bass, piano, drums), please email Mr. Josh Shadburn

Thank you to our sponsors!

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