7Mindsets Models of the Month - October

7Mindsets Models of the Month - October

Congratulations to our 7Mindsets Models of the Month for October 2021!  These Blazers have really been shining on our campus this month.

Kalee was nominated by Dr. Ridgway for the following mindsets: Attitude of Gratitude, 100% Accountable, and Everything is Possible.

Here's what Dr. Ridgway had to say about Kalee: "Kalee is such a dedicated student who has been pushing herself so much in my ELA class.  She is respected by her peers.  She is always appreciative of the hard work that occurs in the classroom.   She exudes a positive attitude in class as well."

Cassy was nominated by Ms. Callahan for the following mindset: Live to Give.

Here's what Ms. Callahan had to say about Cassy: "Cassy was asked to tutor after school for two hours to help a math student in Ms. Bush's tutoring session.  She helped him a lot and even bought him a snack!"

Hayden was nominated by Mr. Mitchell for the following mindsets: Everything is Possible, We are Connected, 100% Accountable, and Attitude of Gratitude.

Here's what Mr. Mitchell had to say about Hayden: "Hayden is kind, smart, hard working, willing to help anyone and does all of these things with a great positive attitude and professional grace."

Dr. Ridgway was nominated by Mr. Schuff for the following mindsets: Passion First, We Are Connected, Attitude of Gratitude, and Live to Give.

Here's what Mr. Schuff had to say about Dr. Ridgway: "Dr. Ridgway is the staff member that immediately comes to mind when I think about the 7Mindsets for a myriad of reasons. I know that I always feel so inspired whenever I get to plug into what ELA is doing and sit-in on one of her classes or I get to ask her what topics or themes she's exploring week-to-week. The way she approaches her content and her lessons makes me jealous and wish I had thought of half of the ideas and methods of implementation she uses in my own classroom. Dr. Ridgway won't just tell you what she's doing, she'll tell you why what she's doing with her students matters and why it's personal. Furthermore, she is fostering relationships inside and outside of the classroom in ways that few recognize or appreciate. Whether that is highlighting students who don't get enough recognition, staying extremely long hours after school to work with students one-on-one, or decorating the school hallways with messages of encouragement, Ridgway leads the way in making our school feel like a welcoming, more connected environment. What's even more impressive is her ability to balance all of this responsibility with joy and a boundless energy that is simply contagious. She is always gracious, always smiling, always friendly, and always humble. She is a role model like no other, and we should all be considered extremely lucky and honored that we get to witness an educator at the top of their game every single day in this building."

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