7Mindsets Models of the Month - November

7Mindsets Models of the Month - November

Congratulations to our 7Mindsets Models of the Month for November 2021!  These Blazers have really been shining on our campus this month.

Jenifer was nominated by Mr. Thornton for the following mindsets: We Are Connected, Attitude of Gratitude, and The Time is Now.

Here's what Mr. Thornton had to say about Jenifer: "Jenifer's Kindergarten and 2nd Grade teacher, Cassie Moates, passed away suddenly last month.  The teacher and her husband also happened to be friends of mine and my wife's from college.  Jenifer told me about how Ms. Moates had played a special role in caring for her and her mother during a very difficult time for their family.  I asked Jenifer if she'd be willing to share the story with Ms. Moates' husband.   She came to school the next day with a hand written letter to him, which I forwarded."

Jesse was nominated by Ms. Nissenbaum for the following mindset: We Are Connected.

Here's what Ms. Nissenbaum had to say about Jesse: "Jesse is a kind and caring student. After a recent tragedy, Jesse was the only student in our class to ask me if I was okay. It was a small gesture that meant so much. He is a great young person!"

Maya was nominated by Mrs. Hollingsworth for the following mindsets: 100% Accountable, Passion First, and Everything is Possible. 

Here's what Mrs. Hollingsworth had to say about Maya: "I've known Maya for several years now. In fact, this is the 4th year she's been my student! This is very fortunate for me because Maya is an amazing human. She is brilliant, creative, and incredibly talented. Maya is a hard-worker who pays attention to detail and always puts her best effort in to all of her assignments. Not only is she an excellent student, but she is also a good person. She is kind, welcoming, and accepting of all others. She embraces others' differences and is willing to be a friend to everyone. Maya has a very bright future, and I can't wait to see the amazing things she does in life!" 

Nikolas was nominated by Mrs. Hartness for the following mindsets: We are Connected, 100% Accountable, and Live to Give. 

Here's what Mrs. Hartness had to say about Nikolas: "Nikolas always goes out of his way to help others and to make our campus a better place for everyone.  Over the last few months, I have observed him picking up trash around campus, holding doors open for his classmates, and cheering other students on as they work.  He is also the first to volunteer when teachers need help in the classroom.  His positive attitude and willingness to step in wherever he can help is an inspiration to students and teachers alike."

Sincere was nominated by Mr. Schuff for the following mindsets: Passion First and Everything is Possible.

Here's what Mr. Schuff had to say about Sincere: "I cannot think of a better representative of the 7Mindsets and a better representative for what BASA can stand for than Sincere. Sincere has an infectious, positive energy in the classroom that is unmatched by his peers. For as long as I've known Sincere now, I cannot think of one day where he wasn't in a good mood. His ability to think positive, no matter the situation or how hard I challenge him, is something that I think not only rubs off on his classmates, but rubs off on me as an educator as well. His positive outlook on life has a tremendous impact on his work, and he is able to accomplish so much because of it. Sincere is also able to stand out because he makes his interests known to you, and he makes you feel passionate about the things he loves in life. This ability to embrace your authenticity and let it shine through is something that every BASA student can aspire to. Though he may not fully realize it, Sincere should be proud of the aspirations he has set for himself, and he should be proud of his ability to serve as a role model for his peers here at BASA."

Mrs. Pollett was nominated by Ms. Weiss for the following mindsets: We are Connected and 100% Accountable.  

Here's what Ms. Weiss had to say about Mrs. Pollett: "Mrs. Pollett goes out of her way to make sure that we all understand the changes that are happening with our pay, time, leave and make sure that we are using everything correctly.  She goes out of her way to assist with any paperwork or purchases that are needed.  She is one of the best communicating book keeper I have ever worked with.  Thank you Mrs. Pollett."

Ms. Fouquette was nominated by Mrs. Hollingsworth for the following mindset: We Are Connected.

Here's what Mrs. Hollingsworth had to say about Ms. Fouquette: "Ms. Fouquette has been a wonderful co-teacher this year.  She works hard to build positive relationships with our students and with the staff.  She is a fun and hard-working colleague who is always there when you need her and is always willing to step in and help.  I am so grateful she is on our team!"


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