7Mindsets Models of the Month - January

7Mindsets Models of the Month - January

Congratulations to our 7Mindsets Models of the Month for January 2022!  These Blazers have really been shining on our campus this month.

Ni'Leah was nominated by Ms. Nissenbaum for the following mindset: Everything is Possible.

Here's what Ms. Nissenbaum had to say about Ni'Leah: "Ni'Leah works incredibly hard in everything she does. She is a model student, and if she keeps her diligence, she will be successful with whatever she tries in life." 

Levi was nominated by Mrs. Spencer for the following mindset: 100% Accountable.

Here's what Mrs. Spencer had to say about Levi: "Levi goes above and beyond in Common Ground and I can always count on him!  He comes before school everyday to help open the store and takes initiative to get tasks done.  I appreciate his commitment to our school based enterprise and would not survive without his consistent help!" 

Anthony was nominated by Ms. Weiss for the following mindsets: Passion First, We are Connected, and Attitude of Gratitude.

Here's what Ms. Weiss had to say about Anthony: "Anthony is one of the most thoughtful kids I have worked with. He stays semi quiet, however he is always watching and making sure that everything is going as it should. He is always holding the door, making sure the lights are off, making sure no one is left behind and just always looking out for others. I am so happy to get to know him this semester. He is more than a pleasure to be around! I look forward to seeing him daily." 

Anna Claire was nominated by Mr. Clark for the following mindset: Attitude of Gratitude.

Here's what Mr. Clark had to say about Anna Claire: "Anna Claire has been an amazing student this year. As my student, she was always mindful or and thankful for her peers. When she ran for 10th grade class president, she was focused everything in her campaign on those people she would represent. As president of the Youth Activism Club, she has made sure that others understand the importance of being thankful. Anna Claire is an incredibly hard worker and among the best students I've taught, yet she has never expressed anything but humility and thankfulness for all those people that have helped her get there. She is truly deserving of this award!"

Madison was nominated by Mr. Clark for the following mindset: Attitude of Gratitude.

Here's what Mr. Clark had to say about Madison: "Madi is one of the most engaged students I have ever encountered, but everything she does is in the service of others. She never forgets to be thankful, not only for those things that she has received, but also for the contributions of others. As captain of the Academic Bowl team, Madi has shown her willingness to give so much to her team in order to help them improve their skills. She remains brilliant, creative, and talented, yet never forgets those who have contributed to her successes. Thank you, Madi, you deserve this!"

Mrs. Wright was nominated by Mr. O'Shields for the following mindset: We are Connected.

Here's what Mr. O'Shields had to say about Mrs. Wright: "Ms. Heather Wright has been a true asset to our 2nd Block Physical Science class. She comes to our class daily to assist the Newcomer students, and it is immediately evident that she has established a very strong rapport with these students. I have watched our students share many laughs and smiles with Ms. Wright as she assists them with science lessons in small groups as well as individually. As a new resident of Georgia, I have also been most appreciative of Ms. Wright's willingness to assist me as I acclimate to this area:  she has provided me with a lot of helpful information about my new home. In summary I can attest to the fact that Ms. Wright exemplifies the Mindset that "We Are Connected" in her interactions with both her students and her colleagues! I am happy that I have had this opportunity to become better acquainted with this outstanding BASA staff member this semester."

Mrs. Marcotte was nominated by Ms. Callahan for the following mindset: Live to Give.

Here's what Ms. Callahan had to say about Mrs. Marcotte: "My daughter Megan is in Ms. Marcotte's class.  For her fall semester final project, she designed coasters to give to her dad for a Christmas present.  At the end of the semester, things were hectic and there was not enough time for Megan to print the design on the coasters in class.  Ms. Marcotte printed them over the holiday break and met me at school so Megan would have them to give to her dad at Christmas.  She was so kind to take time out of her vacation to get this to us and we were so appreciative."  


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