Grad Track Student Spotlight: Gavin Barnett

Gavin Barnett

The transition from middle school to high school can be daunting. Increased expectations, personal accountability, and classes on fast-paced block scheduling are all factors that can negatively impact someone in their first year of high school. Couple these factors with COVID, and the perfect storm happened for many students to get off-track and credit deficient. One such student is senior Gavin Barnett who only earned four credits in the first two years of high school.

Beginning his junior year, a support team was assembled for Gavin, and an individualized plan was crafted that incorporated successful completion of not only every credit for the next two years, but double credits in a credit recovery course, a class in summer school, and a course at Foothills. Facing this mountain of work could have been disheartening for Gavin, but he wasn’t left on his own to overcome these obstacles.

Weekly check-ins with the Academic Interventionist, missing work lists given the moment his grades began to slip, and a weekly tutoring schedule were some supports used to help Gavin create new, healthy habits in school. Even with all of these supports, his first semester junior year was better than previous years, but he wasn’t able to hit the goal of passing all classes. Working again with parents, counselors, teachers, academic interventionist, and graduation specialist, his graduation plan and supports were tweaked and a new plan was set into motion.

Since then, the consistency and constant reminders have paid off. A fire has been lit inside Gavin, and he has developed the drive necessary to meet expectations and graduate. Aside from one course, he has passed everything for a year and half, finished all his credit recovery classes, and is two tests away from finishing his final course at Foothills. The check-ins have changed from lists of what needs to be done to conversations of “keep up the good work” and about his bright future.

Teachers and students alike who’ve been in a classroom with Gavin will attest to his witty temperament and great sense of humor. In short, he is a very likable guy. Part of Gavin’s success has been learning how to channel his energy, friendliness, and humor into his outlook on academics. Instead of distracting himself from the task at hand, he has learned to incorporate his hilarity into maintaining a positive outlook and winning over the skeptics and naysayers who may have doubted him in the past.

Gavin Barnett

We are proud of our students who are on the “Grad Track.” A Grad Track student has either failed one or more academic classes and/or is behind in credits needed for graduation with their cohort class. Graduation Specialists at all three Barrow County School System (BCSS) high schools support students who meet these qualifications.

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