Grad Track Student Spotlight: Brynna Lehman

Brynna Lehman

Brynna Lehman is an Apalachee High School student who exemplifies perseverance and humility. During her time at AHS, Brynna committed herself to making sure she took the steps necessary for success. She is a student who has a tremendously bright future and will go far with her positive mindset and kind demeanor.

Brynna will be the first to tell you that math is not quite her thing. During her freshman year, she squeaked by in her Algebra class. During her sophomore and junior years, she wasn’t able to get through Geometry or Algebra II. She had to enroll part-time at Foothills to recover those classes. Unfortunately, those two classes happen to be two of the longest and most challenging courses to take at Foothills. This didn’t deter Brynna though. She just quietly went to work and started taking care of completing them.

Andy Dean, the Graduation Specialist for Apalachee, worked with Brynna over the past two years to help her stay on pace to complete the courses. Mr. Dean says, “Brynna was one of the more dedicated students I have worked with. She has worked so hard to get through these classes and has done so with a positive attitude and a smile. I am so proud of her dedication to getting the job done without complaint.”

Brynna has also had a great support system at AHS. She says Mr. Linnartz, a science teacher, has helped her the most throughout high school. “He has been a teacher I can talk to and go to about anything and I always feel welcome in his classroom.” Brynna also wanted to give a shoutout to Robert Concepcion, a member of the custodial staff at Apalachee. She says, “Mr. Robert has been an awesome person to talk to throughout high school. I have a lot of respect for him.”

Brynna will wrap up her Algebra II class this week and will get to enjoy the last few weeks of her high school career. After high school, Brynna is planning to go to college to study to become a vet tech and get a job at an animal clinic. She eventually wants to have her own farm. Brynna’s compassion and dedication will serve her well as she moves into her post-secondary career.

Brynna's hard work to get to this point is commendable and Apalachee High School is proud to have her as a member of the graduating class of 2023.

Brynna Lehman

We are proud of our students who are on the “Grad Track.” A Grad Track student has either failed one or more academic classes and/or is behind in credits needed for graduation with their cohort class. Graduation Specialists at all three Barrow County School System (BCSS) high schools support students who meet these qualifications.

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