Grad Track Teacher Spotlight: Kearsten Jones

BASA Teacher Kearsten Jones

Barrow Arts and Sciences Academy (BASA) science educator, Kearsten Jones, is a teacher who shines light in the darkness for many of our struggling students. Ms. Jones is currently completing her second year of teaching the subject she loves. Prior to becoming an educator, she spent many years in informal education at zoos and aquariums. She loves animals and is the proud mom to Mango, the class bearded dragon.

Ms. Jones is a huge advocate for her students. She not only believes in them but challenges them to always do their best. She is diligent in attending all academic support student/parent meetings and exhibits compassion and understanding for our most at-risk students. She willingly gives up time both before and after school and during her planning period to assist and mentor students. Ms. Jones enjoys finding innovative ways to teach her curriculum and help students make meaningful connections to the content they are learning.

Innovative Learning Coach, Gretchen Hollingsworth shares, “Ms. Kearsten Jones teaches with her whole heart! She is kind and supportive while also having high expectations for her students. She goes out of her way to make sure her students have all the tools they need to succeed and encourages them to challenge themselves. Her enthusiasm for their growth inspires them to achieve their goals. Ms. Jones maintains a consistent level of efficacy and cultivates a positive learning environment where students feel confident, loved, and safe. We are so grateful to have her at BASA!”

Ms. Jones makes an impact on her students in ways that extend beyond the classroom. Science student La’Vita Weiner says, “Ms. Jones is someone I can confidently say has had a positive impact on me and my journey through life. She's very relatable and understanding, and I appreciate her honesty with her students. She's someone who you can comfortably confide in, free from the fear of judgment or harsh criticism and she just has this nurturing spirit about her. I can honestly say I view Ms. Jones as an older sister figure while still respecting her as my teacher. She's not afraid to level with us and I like the fact that I can ask her any question about her time with wildlife and she's happy to indulge me. I love hearing her stories and I feel her past experiences aid in how she runs her class. I enjoy her instruction not only because of the great teacher she is, but because of how her curriculum is taught in a unique way. It immerses the students into their given topic with her hands-on learning approach with projects that keep students engaged. Ms. Jones is the type of person that no matter how you advance or grow in life or where your path takes you, she's someone you remember and are grateful to have crossed paths with. She has such a bright and cosmic soul. She also has great style; her outfits alone can brighten your day!”

Ms. Jones works tirelessly every day to make a difference in the lives of all of her students. She spends time outside of school thinking of ways to make learning hands-on and relevant to real life. BASA is proud to have Ms. Jones as one of our many fabulous teachers!

Kearsten Jones

We are proud of our students who are on the “Grad Track.” A Grad Track student has either failed one or more academic classes and/or is behind in credits needed for graduation with their cohort class. Graduation Specialists at all three Barrow County School System (BCSS) high schools support students who meet these qualifications.

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