1:1 Device Program - Chromebooks for students

Parents or guardians must complete the Student Technology Device Checkout Agreement for each child. You will need each child’s student ID to complete the agreement.

The Barrow County School System is pleased to announce the rollout of a 1:1 device program for every student in middle and high school starting with the 2023-24 school year. As of August 2023, every middle, and high school student will have an assigned Chromebook for their exclusive use at school and at home. Devices will be checked out to students during the first couple weeks of school upon submission of a parent consent form.

1:1 technology in a school district refers to the concept of schools providing every student with their own device, such as Chromebooks, iPads, or laptops. Rather than relying on students to bring their own devices, schools standardize what every student uses across a district to support the equitable distribution of technology in classrooms and help students adapt to rapidly changing learning environments.

The edtech needs of a student will be different depending on their grade level. Students don’t all have the same educational technology needs. User-readiness, budget, expected merits, and cost-benefits were considered when deciding how our district implemented 1:1.

Please note that students who applied for and received a device through the Emergency Connectivity Fund will use their already issued device to participate in the district 1:1 program. Like other students who will be receiving devices this fall, students with already issued ECF devices will be expected to bring their device to school for use with district collaboration and learning tools. Middle and High School students who have already been issued ECF devices will not be issued an additional device this fall.

Why 1:1? The Benefits ...

Increased student engagement and participation

Incorporating educational technology into lesson plans, homework, and extracurricular activities has a positive effect on student engagement. Introducing 1:1 educational technology to the classroom is a critical part of creating a dynamic and stimulating learning environment. As the data suggests, students who engage with informational technologies are more active participants in the classroom. In addition, the majority of modern curriculum and resources are now digital. This makes having a device as essential as having pencil and paper 30 years ago.

Student responsibility and professional development

The new generation of students is incredibly tech-savvy, and their relative knowledge allows them to quickly grasp and understand new concepts related to technology. When students take ownership of their device, they show a higher level of accountability and act as a steward of resources. Student familiarization with technology also prepares young learners for a technology-driven world, work environment, and college experience —and jobs that require technical skills are on the rise. 1:1 deployment prepares students by making technology use in class the norm.

More equitable learning environments

Socioeconomic barriers can prevent students from purchasing devices and actively participating in the classroom. Not only does this affect their academic performance, but it reduces the ability of school districts to effectively guide students through a structured curriculum because a student’s performance is being capped by their inability to own and operate a device.

1:1 technology in schools is critical to creating more equitable learning environments. It ensures every student has the resources needed to receive an education.

student on computer
students on computer


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