Migrant Education

Identification and Recruitment

The Barrow County School System Migrant Education District Coordinator receives an email notification from the District’s online Registration Gateway whenever a parent or guardian indicates a positive response to questions related to moves into the District for occupational reasons and the nature of such employment. The Migrant Education District Coordinator utilizes this information to help identify and recruit migrant students. The Migrant Education District Coordinator also conducts in-District Identification and Recruitment activities to further identify potentially eligible families. The Region 1 Recruiter visits the District Migrant Education District Coordinator routinely and pulls data from the District’s Student Information System as an additional identification and recruitment tool. Contact is then made with each potentially eligible family to determine case-by-case eligibility and needs. Students who meet certain critical criteria are also identified with the assistance of the Ga DOE MEP as Priority for Services.

Services for MEP Students

Services to those students determined to be PFS are regularly tracked and submitted to the GaDOE MEP using the PFS Student Report. Migrant students are evaluated academically the same as other students in the system to determine academic needs. The Migrant Education District Coordinator coordinates and tracks services to all MEP students utilizing the Supplemental Services Tracking Form. All migrant students are eligible for Title I services, and receive appropriate Title I services. In addition, a referral is made to student services to indicate that additional services may be needed from that department. Additionally, specific activities to address the needs of migratory families are provided. Such activities shall include informing children and families of, or helping such children and families gain access to other education, health, nutrition and social services.

Parental Involvement

A Migrant Education Parent Advisory Council (PAC) program is provided in conjunction with other District Parent Involvement Programs. Parent outreach is always provided in a language that is understood by the family. Parents are presented information on ESOL, Special Education, Gifted, and other educational programs. Information on health, nutrition and social services is presented using materials from the Migrant Education Department of the US and GaDOE.

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Photo of Scott King

Scott King

Migrant Education, Title III & English Learner Coordinator

Scott also helps the school district provide Language and Cultural Diversity services.

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Ramón Manzo

Family Engagement Specialist

Ramón Manzo joined the central office staff at Barrow County School System in 20...

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