Grad Track Senior Spotlight: Aly Feggeler

Apalachee High School Grad Track Spotlight

Aly Feggeler is an Apalachee student who is doing an amazing job to set herself up for a promising future. Throughout her senior year, she has dedicated herself to her studies and Apalachee is so proud of the work she is doing this year. Aly’s work ethic, compassion, and dedication will serve her well as she moves beyond the halls of Apalachee.  

Aly’s high school experience has not been the same as most students at AHS. She has had to play some catch up to be on track to graduate with her class. This year, she took all academic classes and persevered despite that challenge. However, Aly recognizes that this feat was one that she could not have done alone. Two teachers who worked with Aly at Apalachee have greatly impacted her life. Aly shares that, “I owe a lot to most of my teachers throughout high school, but two in particular who have impacted and helped me the most is Coach Fancher and Mr. Linnartz.”  

Coach Fancher, has been Aly’s advisement teacher since she was a freshman and Aly said, “Coach Fancher has never once failed to offer a set of open arms when I needed it and she reminds me that even though it's raining, there's always going to be a rainbow at the end.” 

Mr. Linnartz was Aly’s physics teacher and worked tirelessly with her to make sure that she was successful in his class. Aly said, “Mr. Linnartz also impacted me greatly, as he constantly reminded me that I am not alone with my mental health, and that even if no one else heard me, he constantly reminded me that he hears.”  

And beyond those two teachers, Aly shared that all of her teachers constantly reminded her of how capable she is and that no goal is beyond her reach. Mr. Dean, the graduation specialist for Apalachee, has also worked with Aly and has seen amazing growth in her over the past two years. He remarked that: “The first time I met Aly, she was convinced that there was no way that she would ever graduate. However, through several conversations we had about her path to graduation, she slowly saw that it was possible and that she could do it. Once she dedicated herself to it, there was no stopping her and I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of her.”  

Despite the challenges Aly has faced, her resilience has helped her persevere and she is proud of the perseverance she has shown over the past four years. She knows that she will be up to whatever life presents her. Apalachee is so proud of the work she has done to put herself in this position of success. 

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