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Student Registration FAQ

No. If your child was selected in the lottery last year, and has a current enrollment at a Barrow County School in a Pre-K class, you do not need to register for Kindergarten. If your child is attending a preschool, such as Sikes, or other childcare facility, then yes, you do need to register for Kindergarten.

Yes. Please complete the pre-registration again to update your information in our system so we can process an enrollment for Kindergarten.

Since your child is already in the system, when you login, you will likely see a "finalized" status for your student; however, this does NOT indicate that your child is registered for Kindergarten. You will need to do one of the following to complete the Kindergarten registration process:

  1. When logging in  with your original credentials, you will need to "add new students" which will allow you to add information about each child registering for Kindergarten OR
  2. You can set up a new username and password.

Please remember to upload your current proof of residency and ID. Since your child is in the system the birth certificate, social security card, form 3300 (hearing/vision/dental/nutrition screening) and form 3231 (immunizations) should be on file, however, if any additional documentation is needed, you will be contacted. Once you've completed the process, a member of the registration dept will review your information, and if you are missing the 3300 or 3231, will attach a provisional enrollment letter to your confirmation email. You will have until September to turn in the missing forms.

Yes. If you don’t have the 3300 form, which is the hearing/vision/dental/nutrition screening form, you can still enroll your child for Kindergarten. You will be given a provisional enrollment, which means you are missing that document, but you will have until September to turn it in. If you currently have a 3300 form, please know that the screenings must have been completed no later than August 4, 2019. The state requires the screenings be done within one year of the child starting a Georgia school for the first time. Your doctor can conduct ALL 4 screenings, including the dental section.

We can still enroll your child for school with a provisional enrollment, and you will have until September to turn in an updated Georgia Immunization form. You will need to have your child's immunization records and have the health department, or your physician transfer them  on to a Georgia form.

It depends on the situation:

  • Does the person you live with OWN the home? If so, then you can download the Multi-Family Form from our Pre-registration site. The form needs to be completed by the person that owns the home, and they must also provide a current UTILITY bill in their name. You can then upload both forms during pre-registration.
  • Does the person you live with RENT? If so, then you will need to download the Rental Certificate. The form needs to be completed by the landlord. You can then upload the form during pre-registration. The landlord doesn’t need to provide a utility bill with this form.

You can always create a new username and password to complete the pre-registration for the new student.

Once you’ve logged in, simply select ADD NEW to add a new student. You can then add specific information for the new student you are registering. This won’t affect the other children already enrolled in school. OR if you’re more comfortable with creating a new username and password, you can do that to pre-register a new child.

You can disregard the notary section. At this time we are accepting forms without notarizations.

Our registration staff is reviewing the online information and will email you a confirmation. If you are missing any documents, there will be an attachment listing the document and due date. Please upload the required documents within 5 days of completing the pre-registration.

No. Your child will not have an enrollment until all of the documents have been uploaded. Please be sure to check our website for required documents. Please upload the required documents within 5 days of completing the pre-registration.

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