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Individualized Education

How are services determined for my child with disabilities?
The Individual Education Program (IEP) Committee determines the type and degree of services for the student with disabilities.

How will I know who will be attending my child's Individual Education Program (IEP)?
You will receive prior notification of the meeting and the invited participants.

Will you define least restrictive environment (LRE)?

  • Right to have your child educated with same age-peers who do not have disabilities, to the extent appropriate.
  • Right to have your child remain in regular education environment, unless a special class or separate school is needed. (Removing a child from a regular class environment should be done only when the nature or severity of the disability is such that education in the regular class with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily.)
  • Right to have a continuum of alternative placement available, so that removal from the regular education program can be the least restrictive situation.
  • Right to have supplementary services, such as resource or itinerant instruction, to make it possible for your child to remain in a regular class placement.
  • Right to have placement in the school your child would attend if he/she did not have a disability, unless the child's Individual Education Program (IEP) requires some other arrangements, and the right to participate in non-academic and extracurricular services and activities such as meals, recess, counseling, athletics and special interest groups.

How often will we meet to develop an Individual Education Program (IEP) for my child?
The Individual Education Program Committee will convene at least once a year to review and develop an Individual Education Program (IEP) for your child. At any time, however, parents or the school may request a meeting to review your child's Individual Education Program.

How do I request an Individual Education Program review?
A parent/guardian may request an Individual Education Program review at any time when he/she has new information that the Individual Education Program Committee could consider.

Who do I contact to request an Individual Education Program review?
A parent/guardian should contact his/her student's teacher by phone or in writing.

Should my child attend the Individual Education Program review?
A student who is 14 or older should be invited to the Individual Education Program review in order to discuss transition services. It is also helpful to involve students in the planning of their educational program.

How can I find out how my child is doing on his/her Individual Education Program goals/objectives?
Your child's teacher will be sending home progress reports on your child's goals/objectives at each report card grading period.

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